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Tutorial for l_j_for_dummies

I didn't get much done today, really...

I did a few things for work, from here at home. (Yes, I stayed home today... sigh... But Marilyn mistressmarilyn went in -- even though she had no sleep last night!)

And I did get the garbage and recycling done tonight (a day late due to New Year's Day).

The exciting thing I did today, though, was write up THIS TUTORIAL for l_j_for_dummies.

One of the members posted and requested help with the coding -- saying she was 'a little code-illiterate'. So I figured there were lots of people who would like to know how to code something similar.

I haven't had much time to write tutorials in recent months. (Actually, during most of 2007!) And I do love doing them. But they take a lot of time, so I have to be in an 'ambitious' mood. (grin)

Back to work tomorrow!

I need to set up the computer for the new Events Assistant -- which means moving a bunch of computers around in the office. (I'll be in grubbies, crawling under desks...)

I talked to Tom today! He called to see how we were doing. He's such a sweetheart. I love talking to him...

I also talked to my best friend June. We get so little time to talk anymore. And hardly ever seem to get to see each other. She's been missing me...

I almost forgot that I also spent ages talking to friend Marcia -- and then taking her Excel and converting it all into two Word documents for her. I'm not very good with Excel, I'm afraid, so it probably took longer than it should have. (heh) But at least I finished it. I need to send it to her tomorrow -- and write up an explanation of how to use tables in Word. (So I guess that's another project I got done today...)

Marcia entirely unfamiliar with Excel -- and doesn't even own it at home. I was going to talk to her about getting the Open Office version and learning the basics of using it, but she seemed appalled by the idea.

Unfortunately, she's also unfamiliar with using tables in Word, which is going to make things more complicated. It makes me wonder why she volunteered to be the secretary of her Clematis group in the first place, but I'm sure she'll learn what she needs to know...

Well, time for bed!

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