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I just had an amazing experience!

I'd noticed the hummingbird feeder seemed low, so I mixed up more 'sugar water' (four to one, water to sugar -- for those who care) and let it cool in the fridge. When I took this outside, there was actually a 'hummer' on the feeder...

As it was cold outside (brr), I decided to go ahead and fill the thing. So I took a couple steps closer. I was within arms reach of the little guy and he just stayed there eating!

So I took a half-step closer, wondering what he'd do. He flew to the back side of the feeder (actually the side closer to the window) to avoid me, but didn't fly off!

I'm amazed how tame they've become, considering hummingbirds generally seem a bit jittery (if you know what I mean). I guess having the feeder so close to the window -- with the cats constantly there -- has really got them used to us!

I finally moved right in and he reluctantly departed. I quickly filled it again and headed for the house. Darkness was coming hard on us, and obviously he wanted another 'bite' (sip???) before calling it a day. (And going wherever the heck birds go when it gets dark... ???)

When he flew away, I could clearly hear that distinctive 'hum' of his wings! It was very cool. I love those birds so much.

Anyway, I just had to share...

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