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I'm Over-Reacting Again. Surely.

But I just came in from outside and saw Marilyn's mistressmarilyn cellphone number on the kitchen caller ID box. So I assumed she called while I was outside (and couldn't hear the phone).

I called her (back). She picked up, but before I could say much, told me she was in 'the middle of her appointment' and we hung up. (I wasn't really calling her back, seeing as she hadn't called! LOL.)

She sounded horrible. Like she was upset (and maybe even crying).

Oh God. Tell me she didn't get some really bad news, like cancer...

I'm sure I'm reading too much into it.

She could have sounded bad because that exam hurts like 'billy hell' (as Dad used to say). Maybe we had a bad connection, for that matter.

When she answered it, I assumed she was in the car and on her way home. It didn't even occur to me that she'd have her phone inside the building with her!

I'm not going to get upset without being sure I have a reason to be. I'm not going to over-react like I did earlier with Gabe...

Well, I wish I knew, though.

The hardest part always is waiting. Having a good imagination (I do) can be a curse when you're waiting. (And not the blessing I normally find it. LOL.)

I'd call Sue, but why upset her, too? I mean, I don't even know anything at this point...

I guess an hour was really too soon for Marilyn's appointment to be over. (Wishful thinking on my part.)

I guess I'll go back to the vacuuming...


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