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Tom. He's the Best.

I heard from a little birdy (Marilyn mistressmarilyn) that my sister got flowers at work today...

Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever? (He's so good about that.) He's pretty damn close to perfect. (grin)

It just makes a woman feel fabulous to get flowers -- especially at work!

(That reminds me that we talked about giving flowers to Shari for her 50th bday... I haven't decided yet, but it might be nice. We got her flowers a couple of years back, and she liked them. She'd never had flowers before. And as I said, it makes women feel fabulous to get flowers!)

Oh! You know, I got flowers for my birthday from my friend June...

Well... sort of. (smile) It was a pot of silk (I think) Poinsettias. She gave me a pot last year, too -- but that one is bigger (and a little bit nicer). So I'm thinking I'll take the one from this year in to the office. (I'm not sure if there's room on my desk for them, but I could put them up front, maybe...

Speaking of Tom (we were, remember?), he brought me another big box of Cheetos recently. Thank heaven, as while I was sick I didn't feel like eating much of anything. But I did eat a bag or two of the Cheetos, even so.

I haven't told what Tom got me for my birthday! He gave me two $50 gift cards from McDonald's (!!!) -- and we used that while we were sick, too. Sister Sue was kind enough to run to two stores shopping for us, then stop for food at McDonald's on the way back. She got me chicken soup (yes, sue me, I like Campbell's -- especially with wild rice, or barley and mushrooms) and meds (much needed cough syrup) and picked up Marilyn's prescription, so she wouldn't have to go out.

By the way, I just went shopping with Marilyn -- my first time out of the house in days!

For that matter, I washed my hair (!!!) and had a long, lovely shower. Then I carefully dried it (no damp head for this sicky) -- and after I dressed (no pajamas for a change) I took a rest on the sofa. Both Colin and Henry (the cats) were there with me. We had on a music channel tuned to holiday fare on the TV, the Christmas lit up and glowing, a candle burning and were all three quite content to lie together enjoying the moment.

I still have website work that must be done tonight, so I'm with Marilyn -- it's time for a quick nap before we tackle other things. (Like wrapping presents for office staff and so on...)

Later we plan to have some eggnog (I need to share my recipe sometime -- it's easy, and people always seem to love it) and a snack of some sort. (Hickory Farm beef stick and cheese?)

Anyway, it's been a long, busy day -- so a nap sounds good. (It's currently 9:00 p.m. here.)

I can't wait to see Marilyn's flowers tomorrow! Happily, we'll be bringing them home to enjoy, I'm pretty certain...

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