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Sick? No Time for It!

I'm heading to wash my hair. We need to do some 'emergency' shopping when Marilyn mistressmarilyn gets home from work tonight...

So far today, I've put up the Christmas tree (Marilyn will need to bend the branches the way she wants them -- and then we'll decorate it together), put out decorations in the livingroom and family room, done a load of dishes and cleaned out the sink, taken out a bunch of garbage, finished the Email Blast for the festival (focusing on parade tickets) and made some festival website changes (especially to the home page).

I have more website changes that need doing soon. And another Email Blast to ready for next week (end-of-year giving related). Tomorrow is my last day in the office for 2007, so I need to get a few things done there, too!

Thankfully, I am much better today -- and have been going very slow as I did things. I didn't want to overdo and make myself worse, now that I'm 'on the mend.' (smile)

We're so behind on Christmas, though, that there's no way to catch up! I had a gift to send to Kayt the_kaytinator that hasn't been wrapped, much less mailed. (And we're talking Australia here.) So sorry, Kayt! My box for friend Sandy in Massachusetts hasn't even been started. (In fact, we haven't finished shopping for her...) Our friend Shari has a birthday (her 50th) coming up on December 23, and we need to shop for her, too.

It's just been impossible to worry about Christmas while dealing with being sick -- and trying to keep up on our work.

We won't be as decorated as usual, for one thing. That's okay. I'd like to have a few things out, though.

Gifts will be late. Probably very late. Well, it's the thought that counts!

Cards? I'd thought maybe I'd do some this year, but that didn't happen, either. Verbal and cyber greetings will have to be enough, I guess.

I hope to pick up and clean up a bit, too...

I should do a check list soon -- and then try to work through it. I'm still trying to finish things from the week before last.

But I'm smiling as I type this. What the hell -- I've been listening to holiday music today and taking time out to play with my very excited cats. It's Christmas time -- and there's no good reason to be anything but happy, sick or not. The season is what we make it, after all.

Better rush!

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