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Two LiveJournal Notes: My Tags and the ScrapBook (Photo Galleries)

Before I head to bed, I have to make two quick LiveJournal Notes!

My Tags WORK Again!!!

No thanks to LiveJournal, though. I think it sucks that they apparently decided to go from unlimited tags to a cap of 1,000. So as I mentioned (both here and here), none of my more recent tags would display. It was as if my tags just stopped working!

But it was sporadic and weird. Occasionally a tag would work -- and it was totally random.

My 'tags crisis' was that I had nearly 2,000 tags -- but needed to get it down under 1,000 (as mentioned above). In other words, I had to carefully go through all of the tags and remove nearly half.

It took hours and hours. And hours.

(And I've been sick! Whine, whine, whine.)

It's one very complicated procedure (pretty much like everything else here at LJ), I'm afraid. There's just no easy way to remove tags -- and still find a way to keep track of a given entry (such as add it to Memories before deleting said tags).

But I did it. (Go, me!) I'm now under 1,000 -- and plan to get rid of even more.

I've been trying to add things to my Memories, but I've always hated the limitations there, too. Five categories doesn't cut for many of my entries, which is why I'd fallen in love with tags! (Where you can just add and add and add. Or you used to be able to, anyway...)

Anyway, I'm proud. It was a bitch to do, but I'm glad I did it so I can go back to tagging again. (More carefully than before, admittedly. And I'll seriously have to start using my Memories more now.)

In other LJ-related news...

I'm a little out of the loop from being sick. Did we get a notice that the Scrapbook (photo galleries) would be down tonight?

I wanted to load up my icon there so I could share it inside my last post, but ended up having to put it at one of my websites, instead. (yikes) That was annoying!

So hopefully LJ Scrapbook will be back tomorrow -- right???

Okay, I said two notes -- but I have one more. (Sorry!!!) What gives with the new method of customizing your LiveJournal??? It sucks. I can't find any easy way to just select a new layout -- and I'm pretty good at this stuff, usually. (Okay, except for the advanced customization part, I admit. But I'm good at changing my layout and using CSS to 'tweak' it...)

This seems like another case of fixing something that's not broken. (sigh) I get very tired of how frequently LiveJournal makes major changes to how things 'work' here...

On that note, I'm seriously headed to bed! Goodnight, all!
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