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Still Sick -- But it's Flu, Not a Cold

Yes, I'm still sick. But I'm starting to get better, finally. (And I do mean finally.)

But for the record, it's not a cold -- it's decidedly the flu. (And unfortunately I had the runs to prove it at one point -- sorry to be so TMI!)

Actually, it's been ages since I've been this sick. (sigh)

And Marilyn mistressmarilyn has it, too -- but managed to go to work all last week, even so. (Haven't I said before that she's amazing?) Not me! I spent my time flat on my back in bed (when not up at the computer trying to do work that I needed to get done, that is). I wasn't up before noon most of the week...

Happily, we both made it to the staff holiday party at the Embassy Suites on Friday (December 14) -- but after that we came home and went to bed. And that's mostly where I've been since.

Which hopefully explains where I've been, if anyone here has been wondering!

We missed a total of four HOLIDAY social obligations (yes, that means FOUR parties!!!) this past weekend, I'm sorry to say. (sigh) But there was no way we could have gone. (And I doubt anyone would have wanted us around, either!)

Marilyn has work tomorrow (Tuesday) and then on Wednesday. After that she's on vacation until January 2! I'd like to make it to work at least one of those days, but I don't know...

Our top priority is to be well as quickly as possible -- so we can really enjoy this Christmas vaca!

Of course, the good thing is that I'm able to do so much of my work for PRFF from home. I'm working on one email blast (almost ready to go) -- and I have another I'll get ready before the end of the year. I can design the graphics and code those easily here (or at the office), depending on what works out best. I can also do website changes either place -- especially now that I have a jump drive just for the website files, that I carry back and forth! Now I don't need to keep the files I'm working on on the hard drive at either work or here at home, which is a real break. (Thankfully, my new jump drive is huge!)

The staff party was very cool! I need to post all about it soon (and share photos, too). Jeff had me give the 'official' toast, which was so nice of him. But we were all toasting everyone like crazy. We were in very high spirits! (And most of us were also full of spirits, considering we started out in the bar and then ended there, as well...)

Do you guys like my new icon? Funny, huh? (heh)
Charlie is Sick!

I decided I needed to make it, considering I didn't have anything really like that...

I have a lot to catch up, so forgive me if I 'spam' a bit in the next few days!

Right now, though, it's 2 a.m. and time for bed.

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