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I Have a Cold

I have a damn cold. And I feel lousy. I even stayed home from work today and slept almost the entire day. Seriously.

I'm disgusted that I have a cold, when I've tried so hard to avoid it -- and I have so much work to do. (But it's been going around the office, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn seems to have a cold, too -- but she managed to go in to work early and stay late. And without taking a single break all day long. (I think she left the house around 7 a.m. and got home by around 8 p.m. -- which isn't all that odd for us, to tell you the truth.)

The plumber is coming tomorrow, so I'll have to get my ass up and move stuff to make it easy for him to work. (sigh) I did manage to (finally) pack away the Thanksgiving decorations that I'd put into boxes to move downstairs, but never actually boxed up. (I'd just grabbed whatever empty boxes to use to move things.) Now it's neatly packed away until next year. But it's now time to bring out the Christmas decos! Basically that's how it goes this time of year! Halloween, autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas -- all in a row. Some years it's a tad overwhelming, I guess. (Ignore me, I'm sick and feeling very tired. I love the decorations, in spite of that.)

Marilyn is amazing -- going to work when she feels awful. I simply couldn't face it today.

I got up and did a small amount of work first thing this morning. Then I took meds and went back to bed. I didn't even answer the phone when it rang, that's how crummy I felt. I only got up to use the bathroom and take more meds.

Then I got up at 4:00 p.m. and did some more work. Plus I did dishes and picked up the kitchen. I wanted to be able to make a simple dinner when Marilyn got home from work... (We had soup with toasted cheese sandwiches -- quite yummy.)

June and I talked on the phone today. And she had Jim bring by my bday gifts from the two of them. (Poor bastard. Talk about 'scaring the neighbors' -- I'm sure I was a fright at that point! I was just getting ready to wash my hair, and still in my pajamas...) June and I never seem to find time to see each other much anymore.

Marilyn brought home the office Christmas card that I did the graphics for -- and it turned out so cute! I'm actually very proud of it. Jessica came up with the design and I implemented it (with some advice from Marilyn). I guess the staff was pleased today during staff meeting.

There's no two ways about it -- I'm very proud of my graphics work. It seems as if I'm doing more and more of it all the time. I'm pleased I ended up learning Paint Shop Pro when I did, that's for sure.

Today I played around with Adobe Illustrator (which Martha gave me) a tiny bit. It can do some amazing things. In fact, it felt a little like 'cheating' -- it does work for me that I'd normally have to do in a painstaking way. I can't wait to try it out more.

Speaking of Martha, she phoned recently! I hadn't talked to her since festival time this year...

Well, it's 2:30, so we should head to bed. I've now gotten out of the habit of tagging at all. My tags are in a mess and I'm more annoyed than I can even say. Thanks loads, LJ. (As usual.)


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