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LJ Tags -- Revisited

I recently mentioned (here) that I was having an 'issue' with My Tags here at LJ...

My friend imortlnoctrn pointed out that the limit for tags was 1,000. (I also asked at LJ Support and got the same answer, just for the record.)

Only 1,000 tags??? You must be KIDDING me! (yikes)

There's no easy way I can see to tell how many tags a person has (by this I mean the actual tag category -- not how many times you've used it), so I used the above page to gack the list. Then I put it in my beloved NoteTab Pro where I could easily count the lines (one tag per).

Folks, I had almost 2,000 tags. So if anything, LJ has been pretty generous with me -- not cutting me off until I got close to 2,000!

Well, dumping 50 or so tags didn't help. So I've been in managing my tags for hours, both yesterday and today. (sigh) I'm finally down to around 1,200 tags -- and hope to get it down to around 900, eventually.

What burns me is that I had to quit trying to go into things entry by entry and re-tag. It was just taking forever. I've always been bad about Memories here, unfortunately. But now I really need to try and update these like crazy...

Would it have made any difference if I'd known the limit? Honestly, probably not. When I'm just looking at the list of tags right now, it's hard to believe I've got over a thousand of them!

I was slow to warm to the idea of tags -- and now I sort of wish I never had. I wish instead that I would have gotten serious about adding things to my memories -- and kept it up. (heavy sigh)

I've looked at the instructions for setting up a search engine at my journal, but it seems pretty complicated to me. (Plus there's a limit to how much it will search, anyway.)

I don't know what the answer is, but I'm seriously bummed out about this...

No, my tags weren't good for anyone else -- but they've been a huge help to me. Which, by the way, is why I tag like crazy. Then when I need to find something, I can hunt it up under several different potential tags. I almost never fail to find what I need.

Well, I can kiss that goodbye, after dumping around 800 tags (with more to go)...

I'm not down on tags, though -- they're very helpful for communities, after all! They're just a lot quicker and easier than memories -- which is why I got so hooked on them. I never had to do anything but type them in while doing the entry.

Oh! And that explains the weird duplicates, with just minor tag-name-variations, like:
house cleaning
cleaning house
...and so on! (smile)

I used to wish they had a dropdown of my existing tags to make it easier. Right.

Spamming? Are you saying I'm spamming my journal?

Well, I could be doing much worse, actually! (Wait, wait -- don't be scared!) I just mean that for a change I have time to post -- and tons of things I want to post about.

Anyway, I'm back to work tomorrow, so no worries! (grin)

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