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Viewing Schemes: Visions v2 (a Dystopic Vertigo skin)

Thanks to snakeling, I finally did it -- I changed to using Vertigo! But with the Visions v2 SKIN.

Actually, I've had this mentioned to me previously, but I figured it would be a big hassle to set it all up. NOT! It was actually easy to do.

Those interested can check out this entry for more information.

It was created by the amazing soph, just for the record.

(So what's the first thing I have to know when I see that name? Whether or not the user is a Ciarán Hinds fan, of course! Fans. Gotta love us! The answer was that it's actually his name, just so you know...)

Okay, it's missing some of the Dystopic features (like clicking the little dots to go to the full profile view), but it's a happy compromise that I can live with!

If you want a different skin for viewing LJ, you might want to join ljskins (which soph and snakeling moderate). I've actually been a member there for some time, but never have tried a skin before this.

Oh. And this is just another reminder that Firefox ROCKS, by the way. (Greasemonkey makes this a very simple add.)

It's hard to believe that there was ever a time I didn't use Firefox, frankly. It's such a superior browser. (No, I'm not familiar with Safari, not being a Mac user. But I have heard good things from friends.)

If you've never tried it, believe me that the Addons alone are worth having it for! Besides changing my LJ skin yesterday, I also added a cool feature that changes the color of my active tab. (God, how I love tabbed browsing. I'm so hooked -- and obviously have been forever now.)

I have addons that will:

  • Give you info on any color you're viewing on a webpage
  • Measure items you're viewing on a webpage
  • Help you with web development issues
  • Let you change the version of Flash you're using with a click
  • Help you download videos
  • Manage your tabs
  • Manage your cookies

  • ...and on and on an on! Love 'em. I really do.
I guess that's my official 'ad' for Firefox for today. But all I can say to non-Firefox users is: Try it -- you'll like it!

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