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Christmas Card from Geta!

So, while our first Christmas card came from my friend Kayt the_kaytinator (as I mentioned here), we got another big surprise in the mail this week!

I have a lovely, glittery Christmas card sitting on the other side of my computer, sent all the way from Ohio from our friend Geta ohmorningglory!

Seriously, this card is glittery inside and out! So pretty.

I'm not sure how Geta got our address -- but one of the small miracles is the fact that even though the street address on the envelope was wrong, the card was still delivered! Amazing, isn't it? (Especially considering our mail person isn't the best... sigh...)

Your card and note were so cheerful and special, Geta! Thanks again for sending it.

Don't I have the best friends ever? I am one very lucky person...


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