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Busy, Busy, Busy! Scripting Away...

Well, I'm busy today working on the script. Deadline time is hanging over my head.

I'm supposed to spend the evening (night?) with my sister Sue, too...

Anyway, I'm proud, because even so I did a (quick, quick!) tutorial for the psp7_beginners community. Taught people how to do this effect:


I think it's an interesting and clever effect and it had been asked for there, so...

(I'd like to use it at one of our websites, I think. Cute.)

I made myself a couple icons using the effect--as well as making some icons for others...)

Man! Can it really be almost 4:00 p.m.? Where did the day go???

I've got to dash to be ready on time now!

I guess I won't wear my new Kid Rock tee. I think I'll save that for the weekend... (Things get so smoky I can't wear them. Hate, hate, hate cigarette smoke! Ugh.)

I need to rush. Hate that, too!

Wish I had tuna to give the cats. They'll be pissed I was gone when I get back. (Poor babies...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has had another tough day. She said she didn't know when (if ever... LOL) she'd get out of there tonight! (After yesterday, no less. Sigh.)

Well, I hope all my (very quiet) friends are doing well! Post, people! (Thank heaven Evamaria shirasade is around! LOL.)

I miss Nik nk_seashore (and Kevin kevinr, too). And so many others! (Sigh. Poor me.)

I'm off! Hugs and good weekend to everyone...

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