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An Interesting and Important Entry I Want to Share

If you took my sincere advice and added Joey fatjoey to your LJ friends, then chances are you've already read the entry I'm going to link here.

Some of you may prefer not to read what he says, because it's a very frank entry about his life as a gay male.

Me? I'm very impressed by this entry (which he titled: Life is Not Suitable for Children).

This is one of Joey's responses to the new Flagging Policy here at LJ. (See my entries about this, located here and here.)

Take note, please!

Someone who is a minor -- and has been HONEST about listing their age when signing up for LiveJournal -- will be unable to view 'adult' entries here at LJ. But someone who views LiveJournal without being logged in will easily be able to LIE and still see these same entries. (And, naturally, an underage person here at LJ can simply log out and use the URL to come back and view the 'offensive' entry, anyway.)

Just so we know!

I realize it probably seems like I'm flogging this subject to death, but personally I'm very concerned about it. Censorship disturbs the hell out of me...

Tags: 2007, censorship, december-2007, fatjoey, livejournal-flagging

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