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LiveJournal Flagging -- Revisited

LiveJournal Flagging -- Revisited

I thought I should better explain exactly what 'flagging' at LiveJournal is, for anyone that doesn't know. It was pretty foolish of me to refer to it and not make this clear in the first place!

The following is gacked directly from LiveJournal's FAQ.

You can find it here -- BE SURE TO CLICK 'READ MORE,' though (otherwise you won't find all of it!).

LJ's Answers About Flagging

FAQ Question #281

How can I mark content as inappropriate for minors?

An adult flag is an optional setting for entries, journals, and communities that may contain content unsuitable for younger users.

This setting has several effects and two levels:
  • Adult concepts: This rating applies to content that is not explicitly graphic, but may contain things that are of a mature nature and could be inappropriate for anyone under the age of 14 years old.

  • Explicit Adult: This rating applies to graphic and explicit content (depicting nudity, sexuality, violence in images and language) that is appropriate only for adults, and is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18 years old. It is important to note that in speaking of adult material, it does not convey in any way that this content is considered obscene, in the legal definition of the term.
Using Content Flags
  • Entry Posters: While posting or editing, you have the option to set your entry as Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult.

  • Entry Viewers: Logged-in viewers with accounts more than a month old can use the Flag icon on public entries to flag another entry, journal, or community as Explicit Adult, Offensive Content, Hate Speech, Illegal Activity, or Nude Images of Minors. The last three options will direct the user to the Abuse Reporting System where they will be asked to fill out a report including the URL of the content. Marking either of the first two options will send the report to a moderation queue. Once content (an entry, journal, or community) has been flagged by several users it will be sent to the Abuse Prevention Team for review. If the Abuse Prevention Team determines that the content meets the criteria for Explicit Adult, they will set the appropriate flags and the content will be unavailable to users under 18 as described above. If the Abuse Prevention Team determines that the content would be offensive to most, it will have an internal flag set and be excluded from filtered search results. No visible flag, lj-cut, or intermediate pages will be placed on Offensive Content.

  • Journal Owners/Community Maintainers: You have the option to set your account as Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult. It is recommended to set your community as Explicit adult if at least half of the total entries have graphic and explicit content (images or text). While creating a community, you can set it at either level with Step 8 on the Community Creation page (Designate this community as containing adult-oriented material); you can also set the the Adult Content Flag option for a community or journal on the Viewing Options page.
How Content Flagging Works

Automatic Cuts & Intermediary Pages:

Flagged entries or entries in flagged journals/communities will be completely hidden behind lj-cut tags for logged out users or logged-in users under the age of 18.

For accounts registered to those under the age of 18 or those viewing while not logged in the entries will have additional intermediate pages with content warnings :
  • Adult Concepts: [You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors]

  • Explicit Adult Content: [You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults.]
Entry viewers have an Viewing Adult Content account option (in the Adult Content Options section of Viewing Options page. All entries which are flagged by other people, reviewed by the Abuse Prevention Team, and had a flag set will be collapsed for underage users; teens can choose not to collapse Adult Concepts; adults can choose to collapse only Explicit Adult, collapse both Explicit Adult and Adult Concepts, or have no collapsing on the Friends page. Accounts registered to those 18 and over will be defaulted to not collapse content. Logged in users whose age is unknown will be asked to confirm their age to view the content.

Viewing Entries with Intermediate pages

Those viewing while not logged in will see an intermediate page with a content level warning before viewing an entry, journal, or community set as Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult. Those under 13 will be automatically blocked, while others must confirm their age (at least 14 or 18 years old respectively) before viewing.
  • All logged out users will be required to confirm their age before they can view the content.

  • Logged in users above 18 will not see any intermediate content level pages.

  • Logged in users under the age limits (14 for Adult Concepts, 18 for Explicit Adult) will be blocked from viewing flagged content.
Filtering Searches

This option is found on the Viewing Options page under the Safe Search Filtering section. You can choose to filter Explicit Adult content (Moderate Filtering), both Adult Concepts and Explicit Adult Content (Strict Filtering), or to see all content (No Filter). Content with an internal flag set under the Offensive Content heading will be filtered under the selections Moderate Filtering and Strict Filtering. All users will be defaulted to Moderate Filtering but all users may change this option.

Flagged Journals/Communities
  • Teen or underage users will see an adult content warning when clicking to flagged/journals or communities. They cannot be invited to or join communities set above their age level. They can friend/watch these journals or communities, and journal with adult concepts can friend them in return.

  • Users must have a birthday registered which reflects age 18 or older to join Explicit Adult communities

  • Users must have a birthday registered which reflects age 14 or older to join Adult Content communities
Last Updated:
November 30th, 2007 (coffeechica)

And, again, my major concern lies with the current secretive nature of the flagging process. It seems to me that if someone is willing to flag someone else (an entry or journal -- personal or community), then they should also be willing to have everyone know they have done so.

I know we all have different ideas about what's appropriate viewing for minors. (And, of course, the term 'minor' is different in different locations. But note that for LJ it's judged by the standards of the United States, and not any other country, regardless of where you might reside.)

I'm not suggesting that my personal views are the best. And I'm certainly not suggesting they are the only valid views.

All this said, I'm disappointed that only two of my friends responded to this entry about flagging. I'm not seeking to be controversial, but I am really concerned about this new option. Aren't any of you interested?
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