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WTF? What's Up with LJ Now???

I can't even tell you the weird problems I've been having with my LiveJournal account the last couple of hours...

I was knocked out of my log-in several times.

I can't access my 'Scrapbook' (Galleries) to upload photos. (I mean, I just can't get there at all!)

Checking the off-site link to see if there's an issue was (as usual) no help at all...

I don't get many chances these days to 'play' at LJ -- so it's especially annoying when things are all messed up like this. (grr)

Well, that makes two negative posts in a row -- first the anti-Pepsi entry, and now this.


I'll try to make the next post a positive one. (smile)

Tags: 2007, livejournal-galleries, livejournal-problems, livejournal-rant, livejournal-scrapbook, november-2007

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