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Pizza Time! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We're heading off any minute to Amalfi's to get our Thanksgiving pizza. (grin)

We Amalfi's Famous Combo pizza -- quite yummy! Not being much 'into' turkey, this is a perfect celebratory dinner for Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me!

I also finished the design for the 2007 PRFF Christmas Card. It looks like this:

2007 PRFF Christmas Card

I have to admit that the original concept (design) is Jessica's -- not mine. I just took various elements (including my own background graphic -- plus Paint Shop Pro tubes that I personally created) and used these to implement her idea.

If you read this entry, then you know that we won the Grand Pinnacle award, pictured above as a Christmas tree. (grin) Wasn't that a clever thing for Jess to come up with? I love it.

The first design I did wasn't cutting it, so hopefully this one will...

I've also been continuing to make changes at the festival website. I want to actually learn Flash now -- so I can change out the existing flash banner (which both Marilyn and Rich have asked me to make changes to recently... if only I could!)

We also took our annual drive down to Hump's Restaurant in Clatskanie (Oregon). We like to have a meal and pie (their homemade pies are wonderful), while sitting at a table looking out on the water. Lovely!

The drive there is fabulous -- and the weather today was perfect. Blue skies and no rain! (woo hoo)

Yes, we got our pizza -- and also saw the remodel of Amalfi's. It's cool! Our second pizza was somehow left off the order (???), so we sat in the new lounge and had a beer while we waited for it to bake.

Since arriving home, we've done a good job on one pizza -- and played Marilyn's new computer word game. Fun, fun!

Now we're watching "Frasier" (surprise). My belly is full and I'm feeling damn good. (grin)

It's been a good day. Hell, it's been a good year. An amazing year.

As always, we have a lot to be thankful for, and we never forget it. Sure, there are always things we'd like to have, but all in all, life is so good.

I still want to tackle some Thanksgiving icons, but I somehow doubt I'm going to get to it. Oh well. There's always so much to do.

It's all good!
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