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It's Sunday, and it's POURING down rain here. Non-stop. (ugh)

We just returned from the grocery store. We got chili and will soon put on a nice pot. Perfect for this kind of miserable weather...

Meanwhile, go give this a shot!


The Orycon 29 report coming soon. (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I didn't dance that much this year. (Still worn down from having the flu, I guess.) But we certainly did party and have a good time. (grin)

And, yeah, I'm giving learning Flash another shot. Maybe. I'd love to learn it, but I get so slammed with other things that there isn't much time. (And look at everything I've learned recently, after all...)

Our cats are finally forgiving us for being gone. I think. (Henry just ran out in the garage when we came home and had to be tricked into coming back in -- so maybe he's not totally ready to forgive us...) They hate it when we don't sleep here at home, clearly. (Not like it happens very often!)

Gotta put that chili on!
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