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Update! Halloween is Coming... AND The Sims ♥

We went out and got elements of our costumes for the office Halloween potluck lunch today!

I'm going as 'gay Dumbledore' (smile) -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn is doing a Slytherin wearing a button to declare that Snape is not gay (heh). Should be funny, right?

We managed to find my beard and glasses today, plus robes for both of us. Marilyn already has a Slytherin tie (from Orycon last year).

Our new button-maker is supposed to get here tomorrow (Monday). Yes, I know it is Monday, but this is late Sunday night, to me...

I've been playing The Sims tonight. I've never played with the sex rug before (I don't know if it has a real name). Let me just say, I was quite shocked -- and I don't shock easily!

Wowee. (yikes) I'd describe more, but probably would need to do a locked entry for friends only. Seriously. Pretty hot and naughty!

It's way beyond the 'play in bed' that comes with the game, let me tell you!

Years ago I'd seen pictures of Sims doing some graphic sexual acts, but I've never had such things in my own game. Let's just say my little Sims were really into it. I told them to vibrate a couple of times -- but they just kept on doing it after that! Then they'd run out to the balcony afterwards to smoke a cigarette (no, I'm not joking!).

One neighbor decided to lie down on the rug and take a long nap, while touching himself. Again, I'm not kidding here!

I knew there were hacked adult items (I've had the vibrator for female Sims for years, for example), but this boggles the mind.

Anyway, the Sims husband was still going off to work on time, anyway. And seemed to be doing well in his career. So I guess there were no ill effects. The main result was that he and his wife decided to have a baby after one really massive session on the rug. (smile) They are now the proud parents of two kids, one girl and one boy. Plus they have a dog. (grin)

I need to write back to Tom who sent me a lovely email -- and promised me more Cheetos soon! (Good thing -- Marilyn and I ate the very last today.)

Mitch phoned yesterday and asked about Halloween. So now we've invited both him and sister Sue to join us. Mitch won't come over until after his own trick-or-treaters have come by, though...

We bought a new rug for the living room today! Very pretty (I'll share a photo soon).

Marilyn has to work tomorrow afternoon -- so I'll probably do my cooking for the potluck while she's gone. Then we both work Tuesday and Wednesday -- and have the next four days off! I'm going to do some work at home, of course, but it should be great fun.


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