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Busy, Busy Day! Cleaning House...

Second day in a row cleaning house...

Yesterday I did the family room and some of the utility room. (Plus the carpeted stairs, of course.) Boy, did it need it!

Today I did the living room and kitchen. I worked on the living room rug for hours on my hands and knees. It's gotten old and was really dirty, so I was pleased with the results. I did the same for both rugs in the kitchen, too. Then vacuumed the living room and mopped the kitchen. And put up many of our Halloween decorations outside and in the living room. (There are more, but I ran out of steam and time...) I've yet to decorate the family room.

The goal at home is to get things organized and cleaned up -- and to potentially have some friends visit. (Things have been such a mess that we're not very comfortable having people in. That has to stop, pronto!)

Next Wednesday we're celebrating Halloween at the office, as we always do. I've got an idea for a costume, but am not sure how I'm pulling it together yet! Marilyn mistressmarilyn still doesn't know what she wants to do, but we hope to figure something out on Sunday.

Saturday is a work day for her -- starting early (7:30 a.m.) and running into the early afternoon. I plan to use that time to get some necessary yard work done. I did a couple hours yesterday, but need to cover everything, which takes a ton of work. (We don't have room in our one car garage for all the lawn furniture, so we only put part of it there -- the rest we leave out on the deck covered by tarps.)

I didn't feel that great this morning, but got to feeling better later in the day. I'm allergic as hell, but it's little wonder considering all the cleaning and the dust! Anyway, my nose has been running, but I'm not all out sick at this point -- and hope I won't get that way! I've been pleased to go this long (the end of October) without my usual seasonal illness that runs on for weeks and weeks...

Tomorrow afternoon we're invited to celebrate the success of our Auction, which should be nice. (Second Friday in a row going out to Macadam's Bar & Grill, actually. Last Friday we were celebrating reaching a staff goal...)

Marilyn had a massage tonight with Amanda (one of the reasons I ran out of time cleaning), after work. I took the cats and headed downstairs, lying down to read and nap. I'd assumed Marilyn would have a nap after her massage, but I guess she watched a movie, instead. We just had ice cream and coffee while watching "Frasier" -- now she's conked out on the sofa and the boy are waiting for me to settle down for the night. (smile)

It's 1:30 a.m. here, so I guess it's time to call it a night. I was pretty worn out earlier, but I'm feeling pretty chipper right now!

There's a ton to get done tomorrow, though!

I hooked up four more of the flat screen monitors on Tuesday at the office -- and would love to at least do two more tomorrow. I have five more to go, total. (yikes)

I need to do some website work and try to figure out what's going on with Carol's and my computers. Neither one of us can attach our attachments to our emails right now, which is ridiculous and annoying! It's been going on ever since the auction -- when both our computers were used on site and came back acting a bit odd... (sigh)

I guess that wraps it up for now! One of these days I'll get on top of things both at work and home and be able to spend more time with moderation duties, icon making, creating tutorials and just reading and commenting to my friends.

Or maybe not -- considering we've got Nano coming up in a few days!

Whoops. Almost out of Cheetos here! Bad news...

Anyway, before I ramble further, I'm off to bed! Goodnight all!

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