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Hey, Jo? I AM a Sensitive Adult!

Jo, you almost had me.


I listened carefully to this interview (video) -- and as I watched and listened I must admit there are certainly things about Rowling that I both enjoy and appreciate.

But when she stated that a 'sensitive adult' would have realized by reading book seven that Dumbledore was gay? (Seeing red now.)


I mean, excuse me? Jo, are you actually implying that those of us who didn't catch this are not sensitive adults?

Look, I happen to believe there are few people in the world more in tune and supportive of others with alternate sexual lifestyles than I am. And as a very sensitive adult, I happen to feel strongly that there is no true indication that Dumbledore was gay in any of the books, including book seven.

(For those who may have missed it, I discussed this issue at length here.)

Oh. And is anyone else getting just a little sick of her harping on about 'my character' -- or is that just me? Sure, he's your character. They're all your characters. But I thought the idea was to share them with us, your readers. Or did I miss something?

So I came away (yet again) thinking: Get over yourself, please.

Sorry if anyone is offended by reading that. But it's how I feel...

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