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Pepsi Commercial... with Mom and Dad!

I'm smiling, laughing and crying -- at all the same time! But mostly I'm grinning my head off.

While cleaning house today, I discovered the 'Pepsi commercial' Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I talked Mom and Dad into doing back when we still lived in our little house near the Catholic church.

What good sports they were!

They sat side-by-side, singing the "Pepsi-cola hits the spot..." song, that was apparently famous back in the 1940's. They did it over and over and over again! (I wonder if I can turn it into a YouTube? That would be a blast!)

The folks were still in pretty good shape at the time, by the way. It was before Mom lost her leg and was wheelchair-bound. Before they'd both had too many surgeries and hospitalizations to keep track of...

What is it about autumn? It's just such a nostalgic season!

Pepsi wasn't interested in actually using the commercial, I'm sorry to report. Their loss! It's seriously so cute. They could have dug out some radio version of the original song -- and talked about how Pepsi had appealed to generation after generation of happy Pepsi drinkers.

It just tickles me that they were up for the whole thing! That Marilyn and I were able to talk them into it and that they spent an afternoon being bossed around. (grin) We were pretty tough director/producers, believe me!

Halloween was Dad's favorite holiday -- long before it became so commonly appreciated all across America. (Back when it was considered 'odd' for adults to embrace the holiday...) So every year as Halloween approaches, I think of both parents. Mom would decorate like mad -- and make a special meal every year. When we were little they'd help us costume and Mom (and often sister Sue, too) would take us out trick-or-treating. Later we'd all buy slews of candy (spending what was a small fortune for us) and make over every child who came to our house!

I still have some of the decorations that go back to our childhood, by the way...

I don't exactly miss my parents (those last years with both of them were very hard) -- but it's a delight to think back on happy moments with them. And I'm sure they're looking down and smiling, too...

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