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Yikes! PSP Moderation!

Okay, my bad, I know. I've barely been 'around' online this week...

Frankly, I won't be around much now until the end of the Festival (end of June). I'll probably just be too busy with work (and our horrible hours) to find the time...

But I just came on (at 1:30 a.m., no less) to a bunch of moderation things...

There was one entry that had to be deleted, period. Another that shouldn't be there, I suspect. And some snarky crap that should be handled (???). Kevin kevinr, do you have time to check it over? (I'll write you via email and let you know more details... sigh...)

I'm dead tired and must head to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day! Up very early. Marilyn mistressmarilyn starts her day with an early morning meeting. I start mine with an hour of watering the brand new 'over-seeding' that was done today! (Naturally we're not having the normal rainy season at all that's good for new grass this time of year...)

Then I'll rush around and try to get more script work done, while Marilyn's in meetings at work. She picks me up at noon to come 'in office' for until time for the annual Spring Board Meeting rehearsal and set-up in the afternoon!

Then the Board Meeting. We'll leave that early (around 7 p.m.) to head out with two other staff members (plus a girlfriend on one of the guys) to go to the Kid Rock concert! That should run 'til around 10:30 or 11:00! I need to head to bed...

Marilyn's over her flu, but worn out from playing 'catch up' at work. My left eye has been giving me fits. I might have a bad contact lens to blame for that. (Or just eye strain from staring at the computer screen while working on the script, I suppose.)

It's so muggy here today. Sigh.

Well, hope I can 'jump on' for a minute here and there to try and do the moderation! Seems like the other three moderators are all tied up... (I've been there, so I know how that goes! LOL.)

It sounds ridiculous, but I suspect we could use another mod to help us out. (You'd think four people would be enough, wouldn't you? But we've all got lives that keep us busy, so... LOL. No, I am not whining!)

Nite, nite!

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