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Guess what?

It looks like we're going to do NaNoWriMo 2007! again this year...

Originally we were saying no, but after a long talk today (during our drive to the beach), we may have changed our minds!

Speaking of writing (yes, we were!), Marilyn mistressmarilyn is watching the Director's Cut of "Troy" as I type this. She wants to finish up her "Troy" mpreg series, "The Vessel." Good for her! (Warning: If you're not into fic, mpreg or slash, I strongly suggest you avoid following the link I just shared.) You know, I really can't get over how Marilyn has become the Mpreg Queen! She writes the genre better than anyone else I know...

We didn't end up doing NaNo last year, even though we seriously considered it. But my feeling is that we can always try -- and if it doesn't happen the world won't come to an end. (smile)

I'm actually looking forward to it! I haven't been doing much non-work-related writing in some time.

Tags: 2007, marilyn, october-2007, writing

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