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Article - Copyright Guidelines Pact Excludes Google

Now this is interesting!

Here are some excerpts:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Viacom Inc, Walt Disney Co, Microsoft Corp and other media companies have agreed to a set of guidelines to protect copyrights online but Google Inc, owner of the Web's biggest video site, was notably absent from the pact.

The companies agreed to use technology to eliminate copyright-infringing content uploaded by Web users and to block any pirated material before it is publicly accessible.

"These principles offer a road map for unlocking the enormous potential of online video and user-generated content," Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said in a statement issued by the participating companies.

Interest in online video has boomed over the last two years, putting media content owners at odds with Web sites that host videos when their users upload copyrighted material without permission.

Google and its YouTube video-sharing site, for example, face a $1 billion copyright infringement suit filed by Viacom.


Among the provisions in the pact is an agreement to implement "commercially reasonable" content identification technology by the end of this year, which some including the MySpace social networking site have already done.

"These principles will enable innovative technology and great content to come together to spur greater innovation and, most importantly, much richer entertainment experiences for consumers," Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said in the statement.

In what may be a preemptive move, Google this week unveiled new technology that allows content owners to automate the identification of copyrighted material on its YouTube online video service. The technology does not yet allow the blocking of copyrighted content from being uploaded.

You can read the entire article online here.

Now that's very, very interesting!

I suppose they'll be cracking down on videos that people put together using bits and pieces of copyrighted material... (sigh) If so, I'll be sorry to see it happen. I love it when someone takes a song and sets clips to the music to make their own story!

The whole copyright issue is a big can of worms. I've read some fascinating things about it this past year. I still find it amazing that masterpiece art and classic works of literature are in the public domain, but more modern works probably never will be (the way things are going)...

This reminds me of this fake trailer I saw at YouTube some time back. It had been created with a bunch of famous actors for some film festival -- and I'd kill to be able to see it (and share it with others) right now. Of course it was taken down. But it's not like there's any place legal I can go to see it! It was never meant to be public at all. So I'll thank the person who stuck it at YouTube so that I at least saw it a couple of times before it vanished.

I guess I fail to see what's so wrong about that having been out there for viewing. It was beautifully done and humorous, to boot. (Yes, and quite racy, too.) Oh well...
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