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Dumbledore is 'Officially' Gay (thanks, Rowling)

Well, God (or J.K. Rowling, depending on your point of view) just announced during her appearance at Carnegie Hall that Dumbledore is/was gay.

No. For the record, I'm not one of those Rowling-is-God folks (if you hadn't already guessed that about me).

So people are just delighted as can be with her for this announcement, apparently.

Not me.

I think Rowling should leave well enough alone, frankly. I already hated the end of book seven -- mainly because she couldn't just leave the future to our imaginations. She goes around doing these appearances and answering every question in tremendous detail -- all so she can exert total and complete control over her creation.

Give me a break.

Look, I'm sorry if this offends anyone. I really am. But Rowling wishes she could write as well as many fanfic authors who write Harry Potter fics do. (Or doesn't know she should wish that, more likely.)

Don't get me wrong. I agree that Rowling came up with an amazing concept -- and kept coming up with new amazing aspects of her concept. I'm one of the first people around to say that she wrote the most famous books in the world (aside from the Bible) today -- and I don't say that lightly. She's a good story-teller, no doubt about it. But I'm not crazy about her writing. When I read it out loud, I'm constantly correcting things that read poorly. That's not the sign of a great -- or even very good -- writer, in my opinion.

I've avoided just saying this for years, not wanting to get into a debate with Rowling lovers. I've read and re-read the Harry Potter books, so Jo clearly has captured my attention (and $$$). I think that's all any author can ask of their readers.

But, hey, throwing in one token gay character is no great feat as far as I'm concerned. And if Rowling hadn't come out and told us, there'd be no way to know this from just reading the books -- and don't tell me she wanted to even imply that this character was gay, because I'm not buying it. (Most people will never know this news, which is just the way Rowling -- and her publishers -- want it.)

Oh well. I suppose we should all cheer and clap because she's kind enough to have one character be gay... (sigh) It's better than nothing, I suppose!

Poor Jo. She's clearly about as straight as they come. All the slash fanfic that surrounds her characters must drive her crazy -- especially as controlling as she is. Let it go, Rowling. Your characters are out there -- which should make you as happy as a clam. Just ignore what fans do with them, why don't you? You're far from the first author to deal with this -- and far from the last, as well.

So get out the confetti and celebrate gay Dumbledore. Because if Rowling has anything to say about it, you'll never be able to appreciate any other gay characters from Harry Potter.

And me?

I'll keep on reading the wonderful slash and femslash fic that abounds in Harry Potter fandom. Sure, I read -- and enjoy -- the gen and het stuff, too. But I've always felt the best writing in any fandom circle focuses on slash (and femslash) -- and I still feel that's true.

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