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Orycon 29! We're Going!

On a total whim, I decided to check out the Orycon 29 website -- even though Marilyn mistressmarilyn had told me just this past week that we probably wouldn't go this year.

Lo and behold -- our friends Eric Stillwell and Tony Wynn (I wonder if he now goes exclusively by 'Anthony'???) are going to be attending and part of the programming!

That decided it -- we just have to go after all! (grin)

I just checked, and it looks like we've known these two guys since 1981. (I was thinking 1980, so I wasn't that far off.) Incredible.

We haven't seen or even talked to (by phone) either guy in years now, so it's going to be exciting to have the chance. I think Tony might still live here in Portland (or nearby) somewhere. But I've no clue about Eric. Last we heard he was down in California. I'm curious to see what both men are currently up to!

Anyway, Marilyn and I got our hotel reservations (we didn't do this last year when we attended Orycon 28) and paid for our memberships via good old PayPal!

I wonder if we'll see any of the old gang we used to hang out with?

Back in the day, we had our own local Sci-Fi club. Then we ran an international club that was predominantly Sci-Fi oriented. We belonged to other groups, as well. We even ended up as Special Guests (Fan Guests) at a Sci-Fi convention in Louisiana -- where we and a group of female friends ended up running the whole show (except for the financial side, which was a huge mess).

I miss some of our friends who seem to have dropped out of Sci-Fi fandom, like Richard and Steve and Bob. Martha never has the time or money to do this stuff anymore. (And Debbie is just gone, period.) And I can't help wondering if Sonny (a.k.a. Starbuck, a.k.a. Capt. Jack) and Irene will show up or not... (???)

As already linked above, last year was fun. Not like some of the big blasts we've had in the past, no. But still fun!

We're not crazy about the 'new' (not-that-new-really) location, but whatever. It's still Orycon, after all!

And no work-related duties to perform this year, now that the festival has decided to play down the whole pirate thing next time around.

I should actually phone Martha and nag her to try and come by for one day, shouldn't I? (heh)

Maybe we'll try and do that fanfic thing in our room! Make some fliers and attempt to get others to come and share their fic with us.

And maybe we'll make some tees with slashy stuff on them! That would be cool, too.

I'm excited!!!

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