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Tom Called Marilyn!

I forgot to mention that Tom phoned Marilyn mistressmarilyn today! (Well, as it's now past midnight, that makes it officially Friday, October 19. He actually called her yesterday -- Thursday.)

He missed reaching her (she was in a meeting), but it's still cool.

I last talked to him while Marilyn was in Atlanta (for IFEA). He's such a sweetheart.

It's interesting, because apparently his 'image' is this total tough guy that you don't want to tangle with. Tom's tall and quite muscular, so I'm sure if we're talking strictly physically, this is totally true. (grin)

He's a supervisor at work and it sounds like he really makes the other men tow the line. I've no doubt he can do that, too!

But he's the kind of guy who writes poetry and has a very tender heart under it all. He just hates to let anyone know that about him!

I really adore Tom. It's terrific that he phoned her. I hope they actually get a chance to talk the next time he calls...

Which again reminds me that I need to phone Mitch! We haven't seen him in ages. (Well, not since September 21 -- which is almost a month ago!)

Oh. I still need to put that data for my friend Paul into an email and send it to him. It was in a form that's nearly impossible to read -- but I was able to crack it and make it readable. Go, me! Lucky I had the right software to work with. (One of my faves.) I really don't think that even Donn could have done it. Originally I'd told Paul that if I couldn't do it he'd have to go to Donn and pay to have him save the data. But I suspect that when it comes to some forms of software, I really know that better than Donn does. (He's the hardware expert, after all!)

In other news, Marilyn and I continue to create more and more PowerPoint presentations. The one for the Auction was amazing. This time around we used music (Rihanna's "Umbrella" -- which I'd edited to remove the rap portion that opens it, making it more appropriate for our audience). The timing was interesting, getting things to move in time to the music!

Marilyn had suggested taking a photo of a child at the parade sitting under an umbrella and making the umbrella separate -- so we could later morph from an umbrella to the child under it. I added a spinning effect and it turned out incredibly cool! At the beginning you see the umbrella as a stand alone. It's multi-colored. It's there with our title text. Then it slowly spins, wiping out the text. Later (near the end) when you see it again, it slowly spins and morphs into an umbrella with a child sitting under it.

Thank God for my years of experience using Paint Shop Pro! I did the umbrella work at the office. I had to carefully cut out the umbrella and then rebuild it to be whole. That took me a total of two hours -- but it was well worth it!

Later I cut out another umbrella and used it for several other umbrella effects. Very, very cool...

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