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Tennis Update!

Anyone else following the (Tennis) ATP Masters Series???

Current play is in Madrid (with loads of hot Spaniards running around...).

You can read today's results under this cut...

Thursday 18th October
Third round

Fernando González (Chi/N.5) d. Juan Monaco (Arg) 6-4 y 6-2.
Novak Djokovic (SRB/N.3) d. Juan Carlos Ferrero (Esp) 6-3, 2-6 y 6-4.
Roger Federer (Sui/N.1) d. Guillermo Cañas (Arg/N.13) 6-0 y 6-3
Mario ANcic (Cro) Paul Henri Mathieu (Fra) 6-4 y 6-3
Nicolás Kiefer (Ale) d. Ivo Karlovic (Cro) 7-6(5) 7-6 (3)
David Nalbandian (Arg) d. Juan Martin Del Potro (Arg) 6-2 6-4.
Rafael Nadal (Esp/N.2) d. Andy Murray (Gbr) 7-5(5) 6-4
Feliciano López (Esp) d Stephan Koubek (Aut) 7-6(9) 6-1

Wow. Roger is kicking butts and taking names... (grin)

Sadly, this reminds me of how little tennis we got to play this year...

Rich has been getting out every chance he could find, though. I don't think I ever mentioned that he's back at work again -- hurray!!! (I adore Rich. And he'll literally do anything to help out. He's the best!) So far he's only on part time, but that's better than him not being there!

Oh! And I hadn't heard from Mitch at one point. I'd emailed to thank him for being our photographer during the airport greeting (of Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Jeff), but he'd never responded. In fact, both Marilyn and I got concerned. I tried to phone him a couple of times (at work and on his cell). Then I emailed him and found out he'd had the flu! Poor guy!

Mitch has been dying to get out with us and hit the ball, but it's just not happening... (sigh) Damn weather! (Aside from all three of us being so busy.)

Which reminds me that I still need to phone him (and actually talk to him...). And I'd love for the four of us (Mitch, Rich, Marilyn and me) to play tennis together some day...

I also need to phone (past Princess) Mildred D. (she's a long time friend who attended Roosevelt, believe it or not), who has called for me a couple of times now, leaving messages. She never seems to phone when I'm actually at home, so I forget about calling her back. She's been sick (she's now in her 80's, by the way) and I've been worried about her, so I need to get to that, pronto! (My bad.)

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