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I'm an idiot. Or something! (heh)

Okay, I'm just out of it. At some point today (Tuesday), I became convinced it was Wednesday! So I did my garbage and recycling a day early, cat boxes and all. And I was out raking pine cones (tiny soft ones that act like sponges and are a mess to clean up) from the driveway and sidewalk. I was so pissed off, I thought the yard crew had missed doing our house this week!!! (Good thing I didn't phone to complain the way I thought of doing...)

Aside from that, it was a busy, busy day. I worked from home, doing PowerPoint and image enhancing things for hour upon hour. We've got two (three?) PowerPoint presentations to do -- hopefully we'll finish one tomorrow (and the other one Sunday, I guess...).

The PowerPoint we did Monday was a hit this morning, I guess. It turned out great, I have to admit! It was short, but very cool...

I need to head to bed (it's 11:30 p.m.), as I've got a long, busy day ahead of me tomorrow...

Yes, I did play The Sims over the weekend, I must admit!

My old CD went belly up, so I actually went out and bought The Sims Complete Collection (version 1) and installed it. I was never a fan of Hot Date and have only barely played Unleashed in the past. So I'm a total cherry when it comes to Makin' Magic and Superstar!

Thankfully my Superstar hint book was mailed today, so I should have it soon. (I love for books -- especially used ones! So cheap, even with postage and shipping costs.) I hope the Makin' Magic book comes soon, too...

Friday I'll be setting up the computers at the auction venue for the first time. Saturday is the actual auction, and sister Sue is attending with Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me. Marilyn has finished up the script (she's an amazing script writer, by the way) -- and we're excited about our PowerPoint presentation!

I got the website changes made for both the auction and the intern program. And I did my first email blast last Friday. I started an entry, but never finished it up. Maybe sometime soon I'll find the time... (???)

I fixed June's computer via LogMeIn.Com last Friday (45 minutes out of a very busy day) -- and again today, too. (A couple half hour stints this time.) Tomorrow my friend Paul is bringing a disk over to the office for me to check out for him. It has data he needs but can't access, so guess who is trying to help him out? (Remember, I said I was an idiot!)

I'm also re-printing the (damn) resume for Hugh that I already did once last week. He had 'additions' that needed doing. I have to admit that Marilyn came to the rescue and did it all -- and much nicer than the one I originally did! She's way better at Word than I am. Since I started coding (HTML, that is), I'm even more frustrated than ever by MS Word. I hate the damn software, frankly. It doesn't make any sense!

Well, that's it for today.

But I need to try and remember to wish Kevin kevinr a Happy Bday tomorrow! (I wonder if he ever drops by anymore? I miss him!)

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