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Wow. I Moderated!

I actually moderated. (Groggily, but still! LOL.)

I added Peter's greyday tutorials for psp7_beginners and psp8_fun to the memories of both communities. Whoo Hoo! (Big deal, right? LOL.)

Anyway, it felt good to do something! LOL.

I've got Ryan Seacrest's show playing in the background here in the office...

I even commented at a couple LJs. Wow. (She lives!)

There was something else I was going to share, but I'll be damned if I remember what it was.

Oh. I did have to move out the Easter candy. It was sitting in a box in the family room and was far too tempting there. LOL.

I'm sticking it away to use for Rose Fest. 'Goodie Bags' for the front desk (receptionists). An annual tradition...

Better get to it!

(Kevin must be so proud. There are now 898 members at psp7_beginners. That's amazing! When he started it up it seemed like it wouldn't catch on. I remember when he thought about chucking it at one point. LOL. And there are 59 tutorials and 93 entries in memories. We should throw a party for Kev. What a great job he's done...)

[Edit: I remembered what I forgot above! I'm so PISSED about the way it works when your 'extra' user pics/icons goes unpaid. I thought I knew which icons were inactive--according to LJ, that is. So I picked one and it didn't show. I end up with a blank icon spot! Not even my default. That so sucks, LJ. Really sucks. Edit out!]


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