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Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning!

We're making headway on our 'clean out and clean up' campaign here at home. But it's damn slow going!

We took two more huge boxes of things to the Goodwill today, plus a couple smaller boxes, too.

But we could do that every day for weeks and still have more to go. Isn't that incredible? Where the hell does it all come from in the first place? No wonder we're bursting at the seams here...

We knew things had gone crazy back when Mom died and we had to clean out the house and bring things home. Plus I'm a terrible 'keeper of things' -- which means I find it hard to part with stuff. (sigh) I'm ready now, though. This crap has got to go!

You can see small areas in the house where there's been improvement. But it's hard to wait for more. Still we're busy at work, too, so there's only so much time to spend on it...

In other news, I'm allergic as hell right now. (sigh) I hope I don't end up getting sick! I'm doing the best I can to fight it off. Right now as I type this, my ears itch, the inside of my mouth itches, my throat is sore and I have a headache. Oh, my eyes itch, too. And the inside of my nostrils itch!

It's maddening!

Anyway, we're going to have some of that marvelous blackberry ice cream with coffee and head to bed. (It's going on 2 a.m. right now.) We have the baby shower tomorrow -- and will probably go by the office, too.

Life is busy! But it's going to be worth it when we're more organized -- both at home and at work!

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