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Autumn? No Kidding!

It poured down rain today! And we had some hail, too. And it's COLD. (brr) I guess Autumn is 100% here -- and then some!

Of course, we were all too busy at work to notice the weather much.

Jenny and Jessica worked with Sue B. and Meredith (both board members) on packaging auction items. Jodi was at the front desk. (Her infected spider bite seems better...) Jeff was late -- and only in during the morning. He left right around noon. (He was headed to the coast with his family.) Betsy left for the coast with female friends yesterday. Mandy left yesterday for L.A. Peter was out (sick???) today. Rich is only working a couple days a week, so he was there yesterday and will be back next week. Oh. And Helene was in until 3 p.m. (normal for her). It was Sara's day off.

So, it was pretty quiet today -- especially in the morning before Jeff got in! It was Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Jodi, Jenny, Jess, Helene and me for some time. Very, very quiet!

As I seem to keep saying (smile), there's a ton of work to do right now. Marilyn and I have some presentations we need to work on. She was working on nominating for ages. I have a bunch of IT and website things to do, aside from the PowerPoint stuff. But I finally got the IT Workspace in pretty good order. I have some additional stuff I want to do, but right now people can actually work there, so that's good! The scanner is working, which is important.

The IT Room is nothing short of amazing. It's never looked this good since we moved into the building years back! I'm pretty proud of it. And I set up the external CD burner there, because I just couldn't get it working with the old computer in the IT Workspace, no matter how hard I tried. (sigh)

Anyway, I got my own cube pretty much organized -- and found Marilyn's missing photo! I feel bad, because it's the picture we'd have liked to have on the cover of "IE" magazine -- only we couldn't locate it! So now I don't know what they'll use. (My fault!!!) It's an amazing black and white historic parade photo... I have a drawer that's a disaster -- and that's just so not me! I'm the kind of person who can always tell if someone has been in my drawers, I keep them in such perfect order. But it's so busy I just can't focus on it. And frankly, I don't even give a damn. (grin)

But I've added some actual work items in the IT Room (notepads, pens, pencils, post-its, etc.) -- plus a small dish of candy. And the same (plus even more 'cute' things) for the IT Workspace. I like to make sure people have what they need to work -- plus something fun around. After all, we spend a lot of time at work...

Marilyn and I had cottage cheese on crackers for dinner -- and it was delicious!

It's now around 2 a.m. and I'm getting in my night clothes and heading to bed. I'm bushed. I STILL need to download (and share) photos!!!

I want to maybe do some cleaning tomorrow while Marilyn's getting her hair done.

I'm managing to hold my own against my seasonal allergies so far (knock on wood). Time will tell!

Sister Sue met her friend (and former co-worker) Jeff R. tonight. She hasn't seen him in ages. She wanted us to join them, but we begged off. We were both too tired.

Busy weekend in front of us. Aside from getting her hair done, Marilyn wants to go in to the office -- and I certainly have plenty I can do if we go! Then we've got Jenny's baby shower on Sunday. We talked about going to a movie, too. We'd like to see Russell Crowe's new flick.

On that note, I'll try and update more soon. I'm so behind here!

(And I really need to do moderation duties -- especially over at seasonal_icons! Hopefully soon...)

Where did September go to??? I can't believe it's almost October!

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