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Too Late! (sigh)

So late (very) last night, I actually did the most recent CHALLENGE (26) for tudors_stills...

But it was so late that I didn't have time to POST THEM before bed.

No problem, right? I mean, I had all day today to get them posted!

And I even sent myself a 'reminder' email to work.

But it was another incredibly busy work day. (They all are, frankly, these days.) I didn't even get a chance to log on to LiveJournal for five minutes from work!

We got home after stopping to shop for a few groceries -- then ate. And then we were both exhausted (as always now) -- and we had a 'nap' as we often do.

And I woke up too damn late to post my icons before the Friday September 28 midnight EST deadline. (sigh)

(Yes, another time when differing time zones sucks!)

Actually, to be honest (grin), I thought I'd posted my entries too late last week, too! Hey, right now it's so hard to make any deadlines that aren't work-related ones. Anyway, I thought I'd share my icons. But I think I'll wait until the official voting ends. (Even though they aren't part of it.) Just because I don't want to break the rules.

Meanwhile, we get to SLEEP IN tomorrow morning! We'll probably go in to the office at some point, but sleeping in is a very good thing!

We have some Umpqua ice cream (blackberry!!!) we'll have for a late dessert -- yummy! (Bad website, but still had to share the link.)

Off to watch "Frasier" now.

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