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That's what I've done today, really.

I'm trying to fight this bug I got last week (I guess).

Here's the weird thing. I don't feel that sick.

Mainly it's a feeling of being tired. Plus a stuffed up head, headache at times, sore throat at times and achey at times. Not exactly earth-shatteringly sick. LOL.

I took some pills at 1:00 p.m. and laid down to rest. Shut my eyes and opened them and it was 3:30! Whew. I spelt well and hard. (If anyone tried to call--which I haven't checked on--I certainly didn't hear them!)

I'm a bust as a community moderator right now. I haven't really read anything to speak of or done any tutorials or commented. I'm tied up with work and being sick and can't even bring myself to care that much...

I need to start my garabage (so much of it this week for whatever reason). Time to clean those cat boxes. (Didn't I just do that?)

Time flies when you're having fun, kids!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has a meeting that will run late today. She had an early meeting this morning. She's really in it now.

It worries me that she won't let me make her lunch to take. She took a yogurt drink along this morning. Then she eats jerky. I suppose it's fine, but I still worry...

I did fry tomatoes last night (though not at dinner time--later). They were yummy. (I need to add cooking oil and the fancy flour to our grocery list. Oh! And butter-flavored spray and actual butter, too. We get the tub kind that actually spreads well on toast and bread.)

I'm dopey from sleeping and my cold meds. I was just sitting here staring into space thinking about how I need to water plants and the lawn. LOL. It's been so abnormally hot here recently!

Not that I'm complaining! It's delightful. We're running as much as 20' above the usual temps here...

We're going with friends to see Kid Rock's concert. (I think I've mentioned that before.) It's practically here now! (We were supposed to be listening to his CD and learning the songs. Right.)

I wonder who will be knocked off on "American Idol" tonight? It should be John Stevens, but you never know how the vote will go...

You know, I finished the design for my new tattoo recently. (Last week, finally.) But I've yet to do anything with it. I'd love to get it done, though! I'm excited about it.

Well, I think I'll force myself to start doing the recycling, if nothing else...


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