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Davis Cup Final? Here in Portland!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is involved in yet another big deal -- this time having to do with tennis!

She'll be joining Brian Parrott tomorrow at City Hall (at 1 p.m.) when the official announcement is made that Portland will be hosting the Davis Cup Finals, November 30 - December 2.

Brian was totally a big deal in tennis here in Portland during the 1980's, by the way. I think it's so cool that decades later Marilyn is working with him on a tennis-related project! Who would have guessed that way back when? Not me!

It takes me back to those days when we had so many tennis events here in Portland...

I have a hunch we'll get some pretty decent seats for the Davis Cup finals this year. (smile)

Damn, life is good!

(Yep, Roddick will be playing when the United States versus Russia...)

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