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No Nap for Me. (sigh)

I give up. I'm clearly not going to get a nap in before we head for the event at the airport tonight...

I've been trying to do that since before 5 p.m. -- but the phone just keep on ringing!

I can't care too much, considering how most of it is tied up in the Grand Pinnacle Award win, after all.

I talked to the delightful Tom on the phone for 45 minutes today! He so gets it. He really does. (And he promised me more Cheetos, too!)


Mitch is going to actually join us and go along to the airport, which is very cool! I'm excited to see how many staff members will attend -- and how many of the festival board will turn out. And of course to see which Royal Rosarians are there -- and who besides Janni shows up from the Rose Society.

It should be a blast!

Apparently the award made TV coverage on the noon news today. I think there's a possibility we could get some media coverage tonight, after all. If it wasn't a big news day, they might want to do live coverage.

Portland is a big city, so it's pretty hard to get the media out to any event, believe me. And this city has loads of special events going on at all times, so... I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Of course, it's going to be fun even if the media ignores the whole thing. I really can't wait!

Sister Sue is going after Starbucks cards to give as gifts from her and me to both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Jeff. I hadn't even thought about it, to tell you the truth. So I dug out 'congratulations' cards that we can use...

I've talked to Marilyn on the phone numerous times. She said it was pretty much a nightmare getting the Grand Pinnacle Award through the gates. Here's what it looks like:

It's a marble pyramid (as you can see). Or as Marilyn says, "It's quite pointy. You wouldn't want to sit down or fall on it." Good one! (grin)

They've got our 29 other awards packed in their suitcases. And it means they're both laden with things to carry home.

Marilyn sounded tired and ready to be home -- which I'm sure she is by now! (She got almost no sleep at all last night.)

I had leftover casserole with Shari for lunch, but haven't had a bite since. I think I might get some dinner before we head out.

Nicole (Sue's granddaughter) is sick, I'm afraid. She was originally supposed to be going along, but she's sick enough that she's not going to her Dad's this weekend -- and not playing soccer tomorrow, either. (She was here today in the house -- yikes!)

I need to blog about my visit with Shari, too -- at some point. It certainly had ups and downs. One really big down, as a matter of fact. (sigh) She is so clueless.

But I realized today that one of the reasons I stay close to Shari is because she reminds me so strongly of my (long deceased) Aunt Dorothy, whom I loved so much. Interesting to know that! (Sue brought over a bunch of family photos today, which is what got me to thinking about it. It explains a lot for me.)

I'm avoiding discussing it further right now, because I prefer to stay upbeat. (grin)

Marilyn and I are slated to go to Janni's (also known here as Jan) tomorrow. I wonder if Marilyn will want to bogue on it? The weather is supposed to be bad, so I doubt we'll want to be outside...

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