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Time for Bed -- I Played Some Sims!

I got quite a bit done around here today -- but have so much more to get done! (sigh)

Sister Sue blew off coming by after cribbage. She was supposed to pick up some food and other things that I have for her. So now I've got two huge boxes of stuff just sitting here in the living room.

I'm a tad annoyed, considering I've got a friend coming by in the morning. (grr) Sue knew that, too.

As for Shari, I really didn't want to have her over, but she was quite insistent. We've been trying to see each other for ages, but it never seems to work out.

One of the reasons why is that Shari's not very cooperative about it, frankly. She always wants to meet on her schedule. I wouldn't mind so much, but she doesn't have a job and lives alone -- so she has no one to answer to for how she spends her time (except her cat).

It just doesn't seem fair when I'm so busy and tied up all the time that she can't ever be more flexible...


Well, she's never going to change, so I just have to get over it, I guess.

I spoke to Marilyn mistressmarilyn several times on the phone today. She was enjoying her evening. She got food from the food court and took it back to her room to eat. She'd washed her hair and was just relaxing -- hanging out and watching TV and reading her book.

I sort of 'forced her' (not really) to take along the book "Scarlett" -- considering she was headed to Atlanta. (smile) I read it ages ago and enjoyed it and thought she would, too. I think it's very much like fic writing -- and well researched, historically speaking. She seems to be loving it, so that's a good thing.

I knew she'd be picky about the book, considering her love of "Gone With the Wind." Oh! And it turns out that Leslie is a huge GWTW fan, too! Isn't that interesting?

I'm tired and should be in bed. I'm sure the day will be busy tomorrow... (Hopefully I won't need to rush in to the office for anything!) By the way, I mentioned how that happens to Shari and she asked me 'what time' they phone me. WTF? I guess she wasn't following what I was telling her (repeatedly) about how they call me at any time when there's an issue. In other words, it's never a set time! Catch a clue...

I hope Marilyn will be pleased with what (little) I got done while she was away. She's been an inspiration with all her work around the house!

I'm still watching the back yard to see if the sprinkler system is actually leaking. We'll need to get someone out here pronto if there's a problem -- but we're not sure at this point.

I should phone Tom! Damn, I meant to do that today, but I got busy and spaced it... I did phone Mitch and left a message. I don't seem to be doing well with connecting with him lately!

Well, it's now 2:30 a.m., so I guess I'll force myself to head to bed. I need to get up at a decent hour -- and we've got that gathering at the airport to greet Marilyn and Jeff when they get in tomorrow night (around 11 p.m.). And with Shari coming over and Sue coming by at some point...

I plan to share leftover casserole with Shari for lunch. Hopefully she'll like it. She's pretty picky about the food she eats.


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