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Weather Or Not...

The weather channel now says it's 85' here. Didn't I just relate that it was 83'? (What gives? That's a quick change!)

Yesterday's high was (apparently) 80'. It seemed much hotter. (Especially standing outside in the sun for the rose planting. Or maybe that should be especially standing in a crowded room of people waiting for the announcement of the winners at Music Fest. Toss up?)

Eminem is going to be on TRL tomorrow. Must tape!

My 'extra' pictures have expired. Sigh.

It's annoying which pictures get selected to stay active and which go inactive! Some of my fave (and most used) are inactive. To make them active without buying the extras would mean deleting a ton of icons.

(And it wasn't that long ago that I only had three and an unpaid journal! LOL.)

I can live without them, I suppose. Considering our household expenses recently, I really don't need them!

Well, nap time... (Marilyn should--hopefully--be home soon, so it needs to be a short nap!)


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