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Other Good News from Today!

Aside from the wonderful news about the Pinnacle Awards, there were some other good things that happened. They didn't deserve to be included in that last entry, but I'll note them here (for the record).

Are you familiar with 1-800-Got-Junk? -- ??? This is an amazing service!

The festival had a literal TON of old computer crap that we needed to get rid of -- and I was dreading the need to haul various items (like old 17" monitors that weigh a ton) here and there. But I really needed (and wanted) to clean up and organize the IT Room, so...

First I tried to donate the items to a local high school that has a computer program where they take old items and use them in learning to build computers. But I never heard back from them and didn't feel like chasing them down.

So I got permission from my boss (Marilyn mistressmarilyn, that is!) to use the above-named service. I literally called them first thing this morning and had them there TODAY to haul stuff off!

Here's some very cool info about them:

What Do We Do?
  1. We remove the things you don't need. That means we take away almost anything – from old furniture, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris.
  2. You just point to what you want removed. We will then review our price list with you and give you a clear estimate on your job.
  3. We do all the loading and cleanup, wherever the items are located. Also, we make every effort to recycle or donate the items we take away.

I didn't have to lift a thing.

I didn't have to stand over them while they worked!

They didn't touch a single thing that we wanted to keep.

Oh! And I love that they try to donate items, rather than just trash them. (Many of the items -- including most of the monitors -- were in working order.)

They told me approximately what it would cost -- and they left an invoice and are going to bill us. Originally I'd been told they expect first-time customers to pay day-of. I suspect that two things made them decide to bill us -- one was the several times I talked with them. The other was getting to the building and seeing who we are. (smile) Yeah, the festival is a big deal here in Portland!

Getting that done was really splendid! The only pain was that it was going on during the potluck/announcements -- but I'd told them in advance I'd be tied up starting at 1:00 p.m. on, so they were very accommodating!

Other news includes sister Sue helping out today as a volunteer, doing scanning of historical items.

I taught her how -- then she just worked away unsupervised for hours! It was great to get started on it (again), as we have so much stuff that that needs scanning...

Frankly, I was proud to get the 'new' IT workspace set up recently -- and the scanner hooked up and working again! It's already come in handy (obviously). Cleaning everything out of that cube was a ton of work, but I'm proud of the results. I had trouble with two computers, but finally got one to work. (I can't wait to replace it at some point, but it's okay for now.)

Another piece of good news was to find out that the page of xml coding that I'd done was just fine -- and the error in displaying was at the server end. I can't tell you how I was grinning and mentally patting myself on the back over that one! I was pretty sure that I had the code perfect (which xml needs to be), but you never know. There's no one else in the office who understands xml, so I couldn't find a second pair of eyes to look it over. Happily, Lars at Whitehorse checked it out.

The xml page is the events text for our flash calendar at the festival website, by the way.

Lars hasn't made the necessary correction yet, but at least now I can tell interested staff that the fault isn't mine...

I spoke with Barry today -- the guy who has been loaning us festival-related items for years now. He's just an average guy who happens to be a big-time collector. He doesn't have any huge amount of money or anything, but he's so generous. Not only will he let us borrow his items -- but he gives us tons of donations! Whenever he finds a second item, he just gives it to us. I can't get over that... He literally expects nothing in return!

I guess that covers the high spots for today!
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