CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

We WON!!! (The Pinnacle Awards)

We WON!!!

Today was an amazing day -- one in a million!

At IFEA (convention) today, our festival won the
Grand Pinnacle Award
-- which means we truly are the BEST festival in the world (by industry standards) for 2007!

These industry awards are called the IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards -- and the Grand Pinnacle is the big one! (Usually I just refer to them as the Pinnacle Awards.) Anyway, here's the official description:


The Grand Pinnacle is the IFEA's highest award, reflecting the best overall event in each budget category. It essentially includes elements from of all of the categories in the competition. It is an overall look at everything your event does.

And here's some more details...

The criteria the judges base their assessment on includes elements from all the criteria throughout the competition:

o The professional content of the entry.
o How well is the entry written?
o Is it easy to understand?
o Is it well organized?

The overall design and layout of the event.

The overall uniqueness and creativity of the event.

The overall appeal and impression of the event.

Match between your defined mission and the actual event.

o Measurable results.
o Was the event a success for your organization?
o How well did it work? Give examples.

Does the entry covey the image of the event?

So, yes -- it's a very big deal to win. We're all proud as can be!

Oh. And that's not the only award we won by a long shot! Including the Grand Pinnacle, we won a total of 30 Pinnacle Awards.

Go, us!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Leslie and Jeff all went up to accept the Grand Pinnacle.

Meanwhile in the office, we had our Staff potluck (tons of food) -- and we listened in on speaker phone to the event over Jeff's cell.

We were screaming so hard whenever we won anything. And I think the entire city of Portland should have heard the scream that went up when we won the big one!

This is seriously one of the greatest things that can happen to a special event -- like winning an Academy Award, except that it would be more like some special lifetime acheivement award. (smile)

So much work went into our Centennial year. It's not many special events in the United States that have made it to their Centennial, so just being here for this year was a big deal.

Okay... and excuse me if I say we so deserved this honor!

So we'll be going with a Rosarian greeting group to the airport Friday night to meet Marilyn and Jeff as they arrive back home. We hope to turn out staff members, board members, obviously we'll have Rosarians there -- and lots of other folks, as well. (Sister Sue and I would be there anyway, seeing as we'd be picking Marilyn up.) I can't wait!

I spent the afternoon and evening on the phone with everyone and their cousin, spreading the good news! Tomorrow (I think) I'll add something to the website -- and the official press release will go out.

Sue was in the office volunteering -- so she was there for the potluck luncheon and announcements. I'm so glad!

There was a lot of clapping, cheering, screaming and crying going on. And tons of big smile and hugs, too.

This has just been the best year ever!

Hard, I admit, but wonderful!

This truly makes all the work worthwhile... Forgive me while I gloat. (smile)
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