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Lonely, I'm So Lonely...

I really do love that "Lonely" (a.k.a. "Mr. Lonely") song. (smile)

But seriously -- I'm lonely! (whine)

Marilyn hasn't been gone for 24 hours yet, and I'm already missing her like crazy...

So, I've got the TV on watching old episodes of "M.A.S.H." -- just for the company! Yes, the cats have tried their best (smile), but I need to hear voices while I'm cooking...

Now, about that elusive list of To Do items!

What I've Done -- And Haven't Done!

  1. Fix casserole (chicken and rice) -- put it to bake. ×
  2. Fix meatballs (cook in slow cooker). ×
  3. Empty dishwasher. ×
  4. Load dishwasher and do dishes. ×
  5. Wash load of clothes. ×
  6. Gather garbage. ×
  7. Take out garbage. ×
  8. Take out recycling. ×
  9. Organize 'pink' (work) bag. ×
Heck, not bad, considering how tired I was!

I could stand to pick up my bedroom (I started) and clean up my bathroom (!!!), but what the hell.

And I need to change the beds. And wash and dry linens. And do more laundry.

Well, I'll get to it all -- eventually! (smile)

On that note, it's now 1:30 a.m. (I quite writing this while tackling things -- and having dinner) -- so it's time to head to bed!

Nite all! (grin)
Tags: 2007, housecleaning, ifea, marilyn, september-2007

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