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Just How Tired Am I?


Just how tired am I?

Well, it's now 8:37 p.m. here. When I woke up a few minutes ago at 8:30 on the nose, I thought it was 8:30 a.m.

No lie!

I was actually trying to figure out how I'd get my cooking done for the luncheon and still be there on time! I was trying to figure out if I had time to phone sister Sue before she left the house to pick me for the ride to work!

I'm still shaking...

I remember coming in the house carrying the mail and then feeding the cats. I remember getting in bed and shooing the (very annoying) cats away from me. And that's seriously all I remember!


I guess I was dead beat!

So now I have the oven heating and I'm going to go and fix the meatballs and casserole I plan to share! Then I might stay up a little bit longer before heading off to bed for the night -- and no, I'm not kidding here.

As I noted before, this time of year is a difficult time for me -- so I need to 'play it safe.'

Oh! I didn't mention before that I did a a TUTORIAL on 'How to Minimize Your COMMUNITY's Inclusion in Search Engine Results' -- which had come up somewhere totally not related to l_j_for_dummies. Considering I was having a busy (and exhausting) day, I'm pretty proud! Go, me. (smile)

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