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Goodbye (for now), Marilyn!

Have a safe trip!

Sister Sue has just departed the house with Marilyn mistressmarilyn -- on their way to pick up Leslie and head for the airport... (And on to IFEA!)

Yes, I just posted a few hours back. I did sleep for at least an hour, though!

I'm now going to try and head back to bed for a couple more hours... Hey, I'm used to going on very few hours, but autumn is my 'bad' time of year. I get more allergic and more tired during this season. (sigh) And I have a busy day coming up, so...

I hope Marilyn can get some rest on the plane -- or when she arrives!

I talked her into taking the book "Scarlett," which she's never read before -- considering she's headed to Atlanta! (smile) She's been a huge "Gone With the Wind" fan her entire life, so...

Back to bed!

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