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Work Update...

Work was a killer today...

...but good, even so!

We got that happy donation (thanks, Richard!!!) of flat screen monitors for the office -- so I spent most of the day crawling around on my hands and knees hooking them up. (smile)

When I was carting around the (heavy) old monitors, that is! (sigh)

I phoned and spoke to Rich today for a few minutes. I miss him!

I made the website change after dinner tonight (here at home). I'm anxious to do more website changes now -- and very excited about it!

I have a couple more monitors still to hook up on Thursday. But most of Thursday will be spent doing the PowerPoint presentation for IFEA. (I wonder if I should use the jump drive to take some of my own graphic backgrounds in to work or not... ?)

I've got just tons of work to do right now at the office. I could easily work every day and still be swamped. But I'm going to try to stick to no more than three days a week, max. (I've also got a ton to get done here at home, for that matter!)

We had fried green tomatoes (red tomatoes and zucchini) for dinner. We haven't eaten that very much this year, for whatever reason.

We finally got our manicures (and both also had pedicures) on Sunday morning. It had been eight weeks since our last manicure -- that's how long these babies last! Amazing.

I attended my first-ever staff meeting as an actual staff member today. I think I need to, just to keep up on what's going on (and to report on IT and website related issues).

Jodi and I had a lovely chat about what's going on in her life right now. She's found a new church and made up the recent breach with her daughter, happily.

Jessica and I went for Starbucks (Marilyn mistressmarilyn was in meetings most of the day -- one long one was in Vancouver, Washington). Later in the day I tried to give Jess support when she had a minor meltdown. (She's overworked and under-paid -- and could really use some time off, poor thing.) Jessica will do great, though -- she just needs to hang tough for now.

Things are actually going well at work, though everyone is swamped. (I didn't even get a chance to look at my work email, much less go on line to check things out...)

I picked up a book in Marilyn's office, borrowed it and then read it tonight. "City of Roses: Stories from Girlhood" is a collection of autobiographical yet fictional tales that portray the author's youth in Portland (Oregon) -- 'the City of Roses' from the title. It's an interesting view of the city I know so well, partly because of time period covered, I suspect.

Mary Jane Moffat died in 2004 at the age of 71. She was a fascinating woman and accomplished author. The book was a mere 115 pages (paperback), so it was no big thing to knock it off this evening... I think I'll not only have to buy a copy of the book, but that I'd like to read some of her other work.

Time for bed, as it's now past 1 a.m. It was a long and tiring day...

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