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Icon Share!

For those interested, here are the icons I talked about (that Icon Challenge I entered) here (which was specifically my discussion about voting).

Frankly, I think they turned out quite nicely! (smile)

Part 1 entries (we could enter two):

Part 2 entry (we could enter one, only):

You can see the original challenge info here, if you're interested. That includes the images we were working from for the first part and the text we were using for the second part.

The icons submitted (all 12 of them) can be view here.

And the winners can be seen here.

I think when it comes to understanding the technical aspects of icon-making, I'm pretty damn good. But artistically? Who knows...

I've always said that art's subjective. What pleases one person may well seem like crap to another.

Not sure what I'll do with any of those icons, but what the hell...

Tags: 2007, september-2007

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