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Yesterday (Saturday) -- an Update!

The day started out just fine.

We slept in late. I got up first (Marilyn's mistressmarilyn been sick, after all) and did some moderation (quite a bit, actually) over at seasonal_icons. My goal there is to add Tags and Memories for every single community entry. (whew)

We were out at our friend's birthday party until after midnight Friday night. (More about that soon!)

We've been watching tons of tennis, so we have that on constantly (considering it's U.S. Open time!).

Anyway, we went out to get Starbucks and mail some bills. We both got iced coffee plus a breakfast sandwich. Then we took a ride to mail some bills and enjoy the sunshine.

We had to cut it short, though!

Marilyn suddenly needed to go to the bathroom, so we headed for home.

She soon had water bowels.

Later on, I did, too.

(Marilyn has more sensitive bowels than I do when it comes to food causing the runs.)

So we both felt lousy...

Mitch had phoned about going to play tennis -- but neither one of us felt like it. That was right before we got so bad, which explains why neither one of us felt like going with him.

We'd planned to take him to dinner last night, though. But we had to beg off, considering the situation. Which sucks, as we still haven't done anything for his (August 20th) bday! (And we have presents to give him...)

We ended up staying awake very late, watching "Pride & Prejudice" -- well, Marilyn fell asleep during it, but I watched 'til the end. Very entertaining, of course!

That Matthew Macfadyen, who played Mr. Darcy, is a hot piece of work! (whew) And of course I adore Keira Knightley (please give her a sandwich -- but not one from Starbuck's!). And who doesn't love Donald Sutherland (so good in this role) and Judi Dench?

It didn't get over until around 4 a.m. -- so I was proud to get up right before noon today. (grin)

Now I need to download the photos from Friday night to share -- and tell all about the fun. We hadn't planned to stay that late, but we were enjoying ourselves so much!

Oh! And guess what else I did yesterday?

I played The Sims (version 1) for the first time in years. Loads of fun...

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