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Go, Me! The Festival Website...

I did it!

What did I do?

I (finally) made some changes to the festival website!

I feel very pleased with myself about this...

No, what I did isn't complicated by web page coding standards. It's all simple HTML coding -- and no CSS needed.

But the festival website is an AWARD WINNING website -- and I'd been a little nervous to start 'messing' with it.

I'd originally planned to wait until after meeting with Whitehorse, the company who created the (current) site. But then I was fooling around with LiveJournal coding for ages today -- and suddenly I thought, 'why not?'

Naturally I made copies of the 'old' versions of the pages I changed, just in case. But just in case didn't happen. (smile)

Now I'm ready to make more changes. Plus I probably won't need to meet with Whitehorse as soon as we'd thought I might.

It was great to get some things checked off my 'To Do' list for work!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn helped me reason it through, I have to admit. I just couldn't figure part of it out at first. But as she talked to me about it, suddenly it was clear. Now it seems like a piece of cake, frankly.

After all, it's not like I need to do major stylistic changes to the site, ever. I just need to maintain it. But I'm sure it's going to be a blast being the webmaster!

Marilyn and I will have a lot of fun with it in the future...

Speaking of Marilyn, she was really sick again today. We went in to work yesterday morning -- and then went with sister Sue to the beach in the afternoon and stayed until evening. Obviously it was too much for her, poor thing.

I did fix her the fried green tomatoes she'd wanted -- but she couldn't really taste them, so I don't think she enjoyed them much.

Anyway, I hope she feels better tomorrow. How awful to be sick on vaca!

I still want to post things I'm letting slide -- but there never seems to be enough time. (sigh)

Oh! I actually entered a few icons in a challenge. Yes, yes -- I know. I said I'd never do that again. (grin) But I thought I'd be supportive of the community. Nobody else had done it, so...

I'll share them here as soon as the current challenge is over. They turned out okay, I think.

Well, I need to go. It's now 3:30!!! (yikes)

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