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Another (Quick!) Tutorial...

Very quick, actually -- as I'm busy, busy, busy (as always, lately!).

But I thought I'd spell out how to Customize a blog here at LiveJournal -- in terms simple enough for anyone to follow, including beginners.

It seems right to me that every person should be able to play around with the appearance of their own journal, after all!

(For those interested, this very basic S2 tutorial is located here.)

By the way, I'm thinking of using the Expressive layout, with the new Portland theme! It's very cool. But I want to 'tweak' the colors and so on, so I'm not quite ready to swap over. (In all honesty, the CSS is giving me fits!!!)

It's 3 a.m. and I need to do the garbage and recycling -- so more soon. I have a lot to share, actually!

Tags: 2007, august-2007, css, lj-for-dummies, s2

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