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Look Who Wrote a Tutorial!

This always puts me in a good mood... (grin)

Anyway, I did a tutorial for l_j_for_dummies -- explaining how to use the LJ-Cut tag when using Rich text (as opposed to HTML).

(Those interested can see it here.)

Back when I got my LiveJournal (in June of 2002), you did all entries with HTML. I'm so used to thinking that way, that I tend to forget how different the Rich text option is! So I answer questions and cause the poor person more headaches -- which is just so wrong! (yikes)

Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll be able to do a few more tutorials for that community every now and then. I remember what it was like when I had no clue how to do ANYTHING here at LJ. (smile)

I need to post about yesterday! I have photos, too!

Soon, I hope... I'm still trying to do some moderation here right now...

By the way, Rafa managed to win his first round. But it really wasn't pretty, folks... (sigh)

Tags: 2007, august-2007, lj-cut-tag, lj-cut_rich-text, lj-for-dummies

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