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Sick. Damn It.

Mainly, though, I feel like a truck drove over me. By which I mean I just feel deathly tired.

I have a slightly stuffed up head. I think I have a temperature, too. (I haven't taken it and it's so hot today that it's hard to tell for certain.)

I did have a killer headache at five this morning. I got up and took additional cold meds even though I wasn't due to do so until six. What the hell.

I've done little or nothing most of the day...

But Sue called after taking her car in. I think the total on the car was around two grand (!!!). But that was for a full set of tires, getting the brakes done and something with the transmission. She does need to keep it running decently, seeing as it's unlikely she'll be able to afford one again...

Anyway, she and I both went grocery shopping.

Normally I can do all my shopping quickly and then aid with hers. But I kept yawning as if I were going to turn inside out! Very annoying. I just feel so tired!

So she had to not only shop for her own stuff (she got a cart full), but it took so long for the man to check me out that she'd put her own stuff into the trunk before I got there! (I'd planned to do it. Honest! I hate for her to lift, considering her heart condition.)

I managed to get all my groceries in the house (including two 20-pound bags of kitty litter) and put away. But I was in a total sweat by the time I finished. I'm now sitting typing in a tank top and my panties--I kid you not! LOL.

Thank God we got these two window air conditioners when we did! They're older now and don't work that great, but they make a hell of a difference in the kitchen and here in the office.

The kitchen, nook, upstairs bathroom and our office all face the front of the house and get the afternoon sun. It can get pretty damned hot, I'll tell you!

The rest of the upstairs is our living room and my bedroom. I'm grateful for the overhead fan in my bedroom (it doesn't help much, but at least pushes the air around). The living room is hard to keep cool, seeing as the back wall is floor to ceiling windows. Even the back door is mostly glass.

The downstairs stays much cooler, thankfully!

I took a nap from noon 'til around 1:30 p.m. down in Marilyn's bed. She's got a king that's lovely. Big bedroom.

I did water the grass this morning, at least. It took me somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour (I wasn't paying close attention this morning) to finish it. I wanted to get it really soaked, knowing we were supposed to have temperatures in the high 80's today. I just went to the weather channel and it says it's 83. (Okay, make that mid-80's, I guess.)

We were considerably cooler last week, so this is a bit of a shock to the system...

Well, I need something to drink... (Water?)


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